Monday, November 9, 2009

Here Comes "Pumpkin Claus"

Here Comes "Pumpkin Claus", Here Comes "Pumpkin Claus", right down "Pumpkin Claus" Lane.... fa la la la la, la la, la la. Silly little "Pumpkin Claus" loves Christmas. From the time he was nothing more than a bloom on the pumpkin vine there were signs this little guy was going to be different. The elders talked about the strange candy cane markings on his bloom and the jingle bells on the tip of each petal. As his little bud grew they would hear Christmas Carols murmuring around him and shuttered at the strange sight of him shaking like a bowl full of jelly when he was highly amused. This little pumpkin even refused to release himself from the pumpkin vine in the fall...he waited until Christmas Eve.

The other little pumpkins laughed and called him names, and didn't let him join in any pumpkin games....oh oops, that's another story. Anyway, he developed an affinity for anything peppermint (starlight mints, candy canes, ribbon candy, etc.) and begged his Mother for a Santa hat and elf-like attire. Being a good Mom, she succumbed to his requests and also named him "Pumpkin Claus."

Santa heard about this little fellow, and when he met him he loved what he saw! Santa contracted with him so that on Christmas Eve he travels to an assigned area delivering gifts to good little boys and girls.

You didn't really believe Santa could deliver all of those presents all by himself did you? Oh, and if you leave out pumpkin cake or cookies for "Santa" on Christmas Eve and they are still there in the had a visit from "Pumpkin Claus." It would be like eating a cousin so he chooses to pass on anything made with pumpkin.

"Pumpkin Claus" is made of fastmache and wood and painted with acrylic paints. His candy canes and ornament are removable for safe storage.

Have a great day!



William Bezek said...

Nice work! You seem to be coming up with a new in-between holiday, what shall we call it? Hardin-ween-mas?

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

It would be a warped holiday at best William. I'm just unwilling to give up on it's Halloween with a Christmas flare right now in the Monkey-Cats Studio!!

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Really cool! Great gams!

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Your Christmas pieces are fantastic, and I am thrilled to see you "do" Christmas while being also loyal to your Halloween roots!!! I am struggling with that! You're making it look easy Laurie!!

MadameSamm said...

Laurie you raise the bar...and I am quite happy to look that high...some pretty outstanding pieces...
keep entertaining us..
madame samm at