Friday, December 11, 2009

SpookyTime Jingles Update!!!

Where is the time going to? It can't possibly be time for another SpookyTime Jingles update on Saturday night can it?!!!! Yes, it is time and luckily I managed to get some pieces done this month in the middle of the Christmas tree farm madness!!! Not everything I wanted, not everything I thought I would get done (I have exceeding high expectations), but I did manage to produce 4 pieces for the update!!! (This seemed to be a really SHORT month!)

First, is "Standish the Pumpkin Elf," that you already had a preview to in an earlier blog. "Standish" is one of Santa's "go to guys" at the North Pole and he is a Pumpkin boy loving his elf costume!!! He is shown grinning with pride and holding a paper mache teddy bear and paperclay candy canes. Hours and hours in sculpting and painting the hat and those boots, but so worth it!!! The jingle bells on his hat and boots are actually paper mache balls painted to look like bells.

Then, there are the jingles for the month of December, "Topper", "Siegfried and Bubo" and "Tosser"....the 3+ snowmen from Monkey-Cats!!!

"Topper" is a unique piece that functions as a tree topper, but I also designed him so he can sit on a shelf. He is the shortest and smallest of the three, but he looks adorable on top of a Christmas tree.

Next, is "Siegfried" with his wise little snow-fellow companion, "Bubo". "Siegfried" loves this little stack of snowball goodness and carries him lovingly where ever he goes. "Bubo" may be small, but he is loyal and has kept Siegfried of a hot water more than once...which is really critical to a snowman!! You might say they are made of the same....stuff.

The final snowman in the group is "Tosser." Tosser is a guy's-guy, and has the throwing arm of a major league pitcher. He is known to always have a spare snowball concealed on his body somewhere (literally), and in an instant can toss a snowball with such accuracy that any challenger doesn't stand a chance. One good thing about "Tosser"...he never throws the first snowball.

I hope one of these new pieces finds a place in your heart! They will be available at midnight tomorrow night!!!!
Time sure is flying!


Designs By CK said...

Lovely new pieces as always. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Chris (-:

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Love your new SYJ pieces!

Jackie said...

Amazing.....merry wishes!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just love those long fingers wrapped around that little snowman. Great stuff as always! Merry Christmas!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you CK...been gone so much at the tree farm I'm behind on posting!!

Thank you Candy...STJ has been really good to me!!

Thanks Jackie!! Loved your work this update as well!

Thank you Roben!!

Thanks PJ!!! I need to come visit your place!!!

I hope you are all having a good holiday season!! Me, I'm helping the hubby make chocolate covered coconut balls. FA-LA-LA-LA-LA LA-LA-LA-LA