Monday, August 23, 2010

No Air Conditioning Today

This will be fast...we had a loud bang yesterday morning in the furnace room and discovered shortly after that we had no air conditioning. We got the fans out, called for help and found out there wasn't a control panel in town that would work on our system so we will be without AC again today and possibly tomorrow. I realized I got grumpy and didn't play nicely with others yesterday when I got I'm shutting off the computer for the day to remove it as a heat source.

On a more positive note, I completed the painting on this little owl yesterday after I took the photo, and I'm seeing some progress with the painting on a number of other pieces. Lots to do, but I'm in the mood to paint so I'm off to get some work done!

Have a great day and stay cool!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Love his little hat !!!! You poor hot thing!!!!

just me said...

nothing worse for me than being hot!! fill a baggie with ice wrap it in a towel and drape it over the back of your neck. hope they get it fixed soon!

Jojo's World said...

I sure hope you got it fixed! I don't play well in the heat either.

Peace Always,
the DragonLady

Michael said...

Ugh! That is the worst. I lost A/C here at the office about two weeks ago. I was a hot and very angry man. LOL Good luck getting it fixed!

Ginny Diezel said...

We went through that back in late June! And, the temps inside the house reached 89! Gasp! Of course, everything I was working on dried really fast! Good luck! Hope you are cooling off soon! :-) Ginny

Jorge de Rojas said...

Oh Laurie! I can't imagine life without AC. I know what thats' like .When our power goes after a Hurricane it's misery, hope its short lived. Sending cool thoughts your way.

PEA said...

too adorable Laurie,
I hope you get a/c soon!