Monday, October 18, 2010

Something Special from Enchanted Productions

One of the joys of being on the internet is that you see work and "meet" artist that are hundreds of miles away, and yet you can communicate with them and become online friends.  Several weeks ago while I was in Michigan, I had the wonderful opportunity to not only type a message or chat on the phone with such a person, but I actually got to meet her!!!  Joycee Stahl, of Enchanted Productions, is a charmer both with her comments and phone chatting, but she is even more funny in person and I am smitten with her and her work!  I want her to move in next door and have coffee with me every, I like my neighbors, but I don't have them over for coffee often, so this is REALLY saying something!

Joycee and I had talked prior to Michigan, and I was able to acquire one of her gorgeous dolls as part of this trip....her name is "Anna Belle", named after my mother who had a little piece of silver hair appear in her hairline in her 30s, just the opposite of Joycee's doll, but the name was instantaneous!   Isn't she fabulous!  I had taken photos of her at Ghoultide and Machinaw City and they all came out with a weird golden color (Halloween spooks perhaps?), so I took new pictures that show her beauty!

Anna Belle is just full of details...her hair is needle-felted into her head, her eyes are lovingly painted and stitched on by hand and Joycee showed me her fingernails and finger callous to prove it, and the facial painting is magnificent down to the lavender eye shadow!  She has silver tinsel around the neckline, pearl detailing on the bodice, lace at the waistline, a beautiful bow, more beads with boucle yarn from each pearl cascading down onto a gorgeous silk fabric skirt!  She is beautiful!!

Pinch, pinch, she is mine!!!!  For any of you that have admired Joycee's dolls via a photograph, I can tell you that they are even better in person-absolutely fabulous!  I also got to meet two other creations by Joycee, and they were equally as marvelous!

The only problem with Anna Belle is that she is loved TOO much by the Monkey-Cats, Jake and Elwood.  I had her out of the cabinet for just minutes to photograph her and just that quick Jake jumped up to nuzzle with her...and to try to groom her hair!!!  I have a large curved glass cabinet in the living room so she resides on the top shelf and seems to hum inaudible sounds that only the boys can hear to tease them.  Truly, I found both of them sitting in front of the cabinet looking up at her and then turning back to me as if to tell me to make her stop!  You have to love a doll with that sort of ability!  I should call her, "Anna Belle, the Cat Whisperer" !!

I hope you enjoyed seeing her, and I wish for you to meet a kindred spirit in your future like I felt I have in Joycee.

It is back to the studio for me today so I will post what I'm up to next later this week.  Have a great week all!


Liz Revit said...

Anna Belle is fabulous!

yoborobo said...

I love Joyce's dolls. I think I will start a slush fund so I can buy one - they are simply magical! I love that yours is a Cat Whisperer. ;) And I would like BOTH of you as neighbors. I'll bring the muffins!! xox Pam

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh, I so agree Liz! Joycee really out did herself on this one. She added love and Anna Belle just glows!

Pam, if you do get that fund put together you will not be disappointed-PROMISE!!! So when are you and Joycee moving to Kearney? Muffins would be perfect with coffee!!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. Lucky you. The internet is exactly what artists needed. Some way to communicate/meet each other, make new friends. I love it.

Jorge de Rojas said...

Lucky You Laurie! to have one of Joyce's dolls and actually meet her. Wow.

Jackie said...

What a treat! Her dolls are amazing! I felt the same way when I got to meet YOU!! Have a great day :) Jackie

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Oh Laurie! Anna Belle, the Cat Whisperer is the perfect name for her! I'm so happy that you (and the Monkey Boys) love her! I can certainly see how happy she is to be a part of the Hardin household now!

In fact, I received a little email from her just the other night. (She obviously knows how to turn on your computer now) The email read: "LOVE my new home! I sing to the Monkey Boys all the time! Drives them CRAZY! (wink*wink) Having a blast...wish you were here! Anna Belle"

Laurie...thank you so much for everything and for being a wonderful friend! Believe me, I'd move in next door in a heartbeat! And if Pam is bringing muffins...oh my...that would be just too good! We would have so much fun together!

Lumpty Dumpty Pumpkin is still waiting for his photo shoot! (You know how horrible I am with a camera!) I might have to take him to see Nana!

Haunted Hugs

So see!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh isn't that true PJ...wouldn't have met you if not for the internet.

Jorge, she is very fond of your work and keeps moving over by them. She has great taste!!

Jackie, you must come have coffee with us too and chat up a storm!! Meeting you was such a pleasure and I feel the same! Hope all is well in Fat Jak land!!

Joycee, she is non-stop fun! She is still singing to the boys and I keep catching Elwood sitting on the arm of the couch looking at her. I think he has a crush! He bobs his head up and down like he is trying to figure out how to get to her. She is loved and I cannot thank you enough you dear sweet gal!!

Hugs to you all!