Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bunnies are done, on to Christmas!!

The bunnies are done and the pastel paint is going back into the seasonal paint drawer, and it is now time to get back into some Christmas figures.  Before packing the rabbits up in boxes for shipping I thought I would share the little fellows in their completed state.

Rudy, Russell and Randolph Rabbit, also known as the blue bow tie bunny boys, are shown with Easter buckets, an Easter wreath and painted eggs.  They were a labor of love and make me look forward to making a few more in the spring months.

We are forecast to get snow tonight and it will be the first of the season for us if it happens.  Since I'll be working on Christmas figures it has me sort of excited so with that I will close with  "HO-HO-HO", it's off to work I go!



The Hermits' Garden said...

They look so relaxed and mellow. Love love love 'em.

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness...they are so wonderful! So cute and creative.
Love them!!

Have fun working on Christmas...
Hugs, Nancy

Pattee said...

Awesome Bunnies Laurie!!!