Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just thought I would wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I'm off to go make a cherry pie for dinner tonight  from cherries we picked this past summer...yum!  I think I'm ready to be done with winter.

Have a lovely day!


Lee said...

LOVE his red hair!
Thanks for sharing him with us, Laurie!
Enjoy your cherry pie!

Marcy said...

Just love your little Valentine buddy.
I'm hoping winter is over as well. Enough is enough. Summer won't be here to soon for me. Love your designs.

Michele Lynch Art said...

I just discovered your blog and love your artwork! Your Valentine guy is too cool! Oh yum on the cherry pie!! Happy Valentines day! Michele

Mary Ann said...

I just found your blog...don't ask me how but I'm glad I did. I love your work:)