Monday, March 21, 2011

New Painting and Prims

When I first started my own online business one of the characters that I painted was a fellow named "Sir Jack Spinner."  He was named by a dear lady, Mary Henning, who is also one of the best storytellers in our state as well as being a published children's writer.  She took one look at the painting and immediately told me his name was "Sir Jack Spinner", and that he was hosting a Pumpkin Ball.  We talked seriously about doing a children's Halloween book, but Mary had multiple book projects already in the works, I started selling the paintings from that series and got so wrapped up in sculpting I simply moved on and left Sir Jack behind...or so I thought. 

As I was working on small canvases recently "Sir Jack Spinner" would not stay out of my head.  I decided that he obviously wanted to attend the "party" I'm creating for my Ghoultide Gathering table.  Sir Jack came to me transformed from his initial appearance.  He is thinner, his hat less exaggerated,  his spider companion more streamlined, and he is shown under the night sky dressed to attend a Ghoulie event instead of hosting one in his home. 

I'm really having fun with these small canvases and hope to complete a small group for collectors to add to their Halloween groupings.

In other news, I received my copy of "Prims" magazine and a note congratulating me that I have been published!  I am just thrilled that the spring issue of "Prims" displays a triumvirate of my rabbits,  Rudy, Russell and Randolph.   

I am so excited to have these characters in print and to be a part of such a lovely publication.  The magazine also has fellow Ghoultide Gathering artists Pam Gracia (Rachel Lapine), Allen Cunningham (Springtide Queen Anne) and Nicol Sayre included within the pages, along with artists I've met online such as Jo James & Dylan Curry, Diane Duda, Dixie Redmond, Daryle Cook, Nancy Malay, Karin Pender and sweet Colleen Moody!  Don't miss this issue!

Thank you Jennifer and "Prims"!!  To order your copy follow this link

Have a great week all!


Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

Congratulations to you Laurie! Wonderful and exciting news! :-)
~ Deb

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you Deborah!!

manosdetijera said...

Your works are excellent!!!

Diane Duda said...

Congratulations, Laurie. It's a good one, right?
Just love your bunnies and your article.
Let's be in published together more often. :)

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you Manosdetijera!

Hi Diane...thanks for leaving the comment!! I've been a little under the weather so I'm waiting until my brain is no longer fuzzy to read all of the articles. Lots of talent in this copy so I was thrilled to be included! Congratulations back at you!

Designs By CK said...

Glad to see you painting canvases again & congrats on the mag. feature!

CK >:-)