Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time is Flying

Goodness me, where has the time gone?  Time seems to be flying and one little character coming out of the studio this past week seems to be in agreement with that.  Below is a sneak peek of "Sir Stolen Time", a somewhat silly little skelly that lurks around stealing time from others when they aren't paying attention. 

I think most of us have looked up from what we are doing and had the realization 5 or 10 minutes have passed and wondered where it went.  Well, I think "Sir Stolen Time" just might be the culprit.  You see, "Sir Stolen Time" didn't pay attention to time as a youth and it wasn't until he became a skelly he began to value time and what could be accomplished in seconds and minutes a day.  He was given a magical clock that allowed him to accumulate time from others so he could return to our world to create gentle mischief and pranks.  He does such things as moving keys, putting pepper in the salt shaker, eating the last piece of candy you've been saving for days and using the last roll of toilet paper in the house.   (At least, that is what he has done in my home, but I'm sure you have all had similar incidents occur.)

"Sir Stolen Time" was created as part of a joint EHAG-PFATT challenge called Screampunk...sort of a twist Joyce Stahl came up with to reference a Halloween steampunk creation.  She is so clever!

I may put out another tease of "Sir Stolen Time" before he becomes available.  He will be for sale on the evening of March 31, on the EHAG Emporium.

Hope to see you there !!

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