Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Working on Ghoultide Gathering Pieces

My apologies for being so tardy in posting a new update here on the blog.  Time is passing so quickly for me and after losing so many weeks to the alkaline burn on my hands I am spending very little time on the computer and as much time as possible in the studio.  I'm getting up earlier, going to be later and I am making some progress so I thought I would share one of the pieces I just completed for Ghoultide Gathering.

This is "Clyde, the Batty Hat Cat," one of nine new paper mache sculptures I'm in the process of finishing to take to Chelsea, Michigan. I will have 5 cats this year for the show, two shorter pieces and three with the longer legs.  I've been having some fun with their accessories so I'll keep you posted with additional photographs as I get them edited. 

Back to painting for me so I can then get back to sculpting.  Awe, the cycle of the studio!!!

Have a great week and stay as cool as possible!


maddyrose said...

Clyde the Batty Hat Cat is a hoot! What a great piece! Can't wait to see the other pieces you're working on. Enjoy your week and get plenty of work done. Hugs

Carly Smith said...

Great piece Laurie...will miss seeing you this year...so sorry to hear about the burn slowing you down! Have had my own set of troubles too...but we just keep on going! You go girl!


Maggie said...

Clyde is just about the best batty hat cat I've ever seen! I love him. Have a productive week!