Friday, August 17, 2012

Ghoultide Gathering Preparations

The mild panic has started to set in with the realization that there are just weeks instead of months until Ghoultide Gathering.  The problem is that the list of things to do is so long and yet time is ticking.  All of this is leading me to rethink some planned pieces,  how many actual hours there are in a day to work and then the ultimate question of  how much sleep do I really need.  Then of course my mind jumps to the fact that I have just wasted time thinking about such things.  Silliness, but actual thoughts passing through my brain.

With all of the mental chaos going on I still have managed to finish most of the pumpkins for my display.  The pumpkins were added this year at the request of some collectors that just wanted a few larger ones to intermix with their Halloween decor.   The seated character in the foreground is the normal size of most of my pumpkins (I put him in for scale) so you can see that the surrounding mid-size pumpkins measure from 5" to over 8" in height, up to the big boy that doesn't have his face completed yet shown in the center. I think they will be fun to arrange within the display at Ghoultide and I'm thinking I might have to keep a few for myself.

My brain is telling me I need to get back to the studio to work on a few more pieces so I guess I better close.  Who would have thought that a mass of gray matter could be such a taskmaster!

Have a great weekend!



Jennybee said...

I just love your pumpkins! Fall/Halloween is my favorite time of the year and no its never too early or late to display those joyful characters you create. I must admit I have a few ceramic pumpkins that sit in my living room year round. Best of luck finishing and don't let the gray matter boss too much!

Jill Norwood said...

Your pumpkins are amazing!!! How fun! I wish you made them in "stamp" form for cards! They are so adorable!!!!