Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Show time and Blog Sale

Ghoultide Gathering is this weekend, October 5-6, in Chelsea, Michigan. The paper mache pieces are all nicely contained in their bubble wrap cocoons, boxed and sending out muffled tones to me that they want to be released.   Periodically I go out and tell them, "Soon, little ones, just a few more days of confinement and then you can dance on the display table when no one is looking!"  Silly little folks!

One of the instigators leading the paper mache revolt is Dexter the Devil Pumpkin with Blarney Bat.  He looks sweet and innocent, but he is full of mischief, and his bat is full of deceptive charm. What a couple!  He will be relieved to be unwrapped on Friday for his unveiling at 5 p.m.  He whispered to me that he hopes to see you there!

Following Ghoultide Gathering I will be working on a blog sale to be held on Sunday, October 14, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.   Many of you have been so patient about me building the Ghoultide Gathering inventory that I hope to have a number of works available for sale for those of you unable to attend the event.  More news will be coming in regard to the show.

Many details to finish so I'm off to tie up some loose ends!  Have a great week and hope to see some of you Friday night and Saturday!

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Marina said...

Just between you and me: You R the BEST!!
(your creations rock rock rock!!)