Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Robin Sullins

UPDATE: Happy to say that that this little fellow's heart touched someone else's heart and the money will be given to Robin's fund.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

An update to my last post.  The little character didn't sell on PFATT Marketplace and I think the Universe was telling me it had other ideas for "P.S. With All of My Heart."  Facebook friend, Angi Sullins, recently told us of the plight of her dear family member. Robin.  Robin just lost both of her legs today and the fingers on one hand due to a terrible infection.  She has been fighting for her life and I would like to help the family in a way I know how. 

They have established a Robin Sullins Relief Fund to assist with medical bills.  I have decided that the full purchase price of this work will be donated to the fund.  If you are interested in the work and in supporting Robin's recovery, please email me at:  monkeycatsstudio@charter.net.

Thank you!

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