Monday, February 11, 2013

Barney Bunny

HE WAS DISCOVERED...Thank you Leanne!!
I have another Spring candy cup for sale, Barney Bunny, that will go to the first collector that emails me regarding this post.  I'm not advertising this on Facebook today so it may take a little while for this to be discovered.  Barney is $95 plus shipping and insurance.  If you want this little fellow email me at:

Barney is holding an Easter egg in one hand and is surrounded on the candy cup by eggs about the candy cup body along with a top scalloped border and pastel orbs.  His blue eyes match his bow tie and coordinate with the surrounding blue elements in the cups design.

I hope you are the one to discover this little fellow to add to your Spring collection....they look great with pastel jelly bellies in them!  Just an FYI...these are made of paper mache so they cannot be immersed in water for cleaning.

Good luck!!!

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Leanne E said...

I am sooo excited that he is coming to Canada! Thanks again for your wonderful art :)