Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thank you!!

Thank you for a very successful blog sale.  Your support of my work continues to humble and move me in ways you will never understand.  Working alone in a studio with just two cats as companions throughout the day sometimes makes me question whether I am on the right track or not.  Thank goodness for blogs, facebook and emails to allow me some human feedback besides that of my husband and the department heads at the local craft store. (Sad, but true)   Meeting some of you at Ghoultide Gathering is always such a pleasure, but I know that it is impossible for many of you to attend so tonight's blog sale was a way for me to reach out to collectors outside of the show venue.  I hope you enjoy your purchases and I thank you for your very kind words regarding my work.

I will be entering into a major house project in the next few weeks so creating will be limited during the window and door replacements, and then we move into the Christmas Tree season, but I am hopeful I will have time to create a few Christmas holiday pieces. Keep an eye out and  I will keep you posted on upcoming works!

Thank you again!

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