Thursday, October 10, 2019

Thank you!

I work in isolation in my studio (except for three cats) with artists friends periodically breaking up my day with a phone call that frequently leads to mutual exchanges of images occurring to get feedback as we work.  It sometimes strikes me as odd what we do, and frequently I question if I'm hitting the mark with new pieces and worry about creating an income to continue my artistic existence.  It is a precarious occupation at best, but when I attend a show or interact online with collectors I feel the love and shrug off the self-doubt for another year.  The verbal and physical embraces I receive help remind me to carry on when my internal light needs a recharge. 

Thank you to you all.  Thank you to the followers, fellow artists, family, friends, collectors and others that comment or simply give me a thumbs up or heart to indicate how my work appeals to you.  Thank you doesn't seem like enough to say, they are after all just two simple words, but they best express how I feel about your support and interaction with me throughout the year.  Your kindness and best wishes carry more weight than you will ever know and fuel that artistic fire.

So, thank you, thank you so very much and we will be back next year with a new Halloween collection.


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