Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bopper Peek

I created another Pumpkin bunny, this one is named "Bopper". Do you remember that song when you were little about a little rabbit hopping through the forest that scooped up field mice and bopped them on the head? Well, it really wasn't a "real" rabbit, it was our boy Bopper. He always enjoyed dressing up as a rabbit, even as a tiny pumpkin boy, and he also liked chasing poor little field mice through the underbrush and bopping them. Now he didn't bop them to really hurt them, he just liked watching them circle in a daze from their bopping buzz. That is the "Halloween" in this little fellow.

Bopper is also a delivery Pumpkin Bunny for the Easter Rabbit. He has a twin brother, Chopper and the two of them have a younger brother, smaller in frame, named Hopper. (You saw Hopper last month) Their mother had this rhyme thing going on when she named her boys.

Bopper is shown here wearing a lovely aqua German glass glitter bow tie, and giving us a lovely bunny type can actually see he blacked out his other teeth to make his upper incisors look more rabbit-like.

Tonight, just after midnight it turns to Friday the 13th (happy birthday Mr. CK!!), and SpookyTime Jingles opens it doors for another month of creative offerings from a group of artist I feel honored to be associated with!! I have seen some of the sneak peeks and my, oh my, does it look like another great month!!

Speaking of Friday the 13th (again, happy birthday Chris!!), our forecast here is for 7 to 11 inches of snow. No joke!!! This is the time of year that if we get a big snow storm, it can be nasty. They are giving us a 100% chance of snow with 30 mph winds and temps falling during the day down to 8 degrees overnight. We were in the 50s just a few days ago so the yo-yo has started into the spring months. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we miss the heaviest of the snow!
I'm off to the grocery to get a few things just incase!

Have a great day and happy creating!!


Designs By CK said...

Thanks Laurie & a birthday link would be wonderful!!!

I will have a VERY special birthday post on my blog on the 13th!!! Stay tuned...

PS: Love Bopper & KEWL STJ ad!!!



Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I love Bopper too!!
Oh man I hear ya about the weather. What started out as a nice day has turned into a blizzard! What the?!
At least I can still see grass. (For now)
You'd better get your shovel ready...
:> )

Phillane E'lee said...

Oh Bobber is adorable. There are a few heads around here I would like to Bop! LOL I think I might need me one of them!

Oh poor you, I do hope it isn't as bad as you expect with the weather. I hate winter any more. I used to love it when I was a carefree child. Now it just stinks and I for one can't wait to see spring again. Could stay spring or fall year round for me. Okay that would be boring but the temps would be nice. Just no more rain. uck.
Have a wonderful weekend Laurie.

softinthehead said...

I always know that when my cloudy day needs a bit of sunshine I can pop over here to your blog and smile. Your characters are ambassadors of smiles...Pam