Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris, Snow, new PFATT blog, STJ Update

A few things today. First I want to wish Mr. Chris Klinger, Designs by CK , a happy "30th" birthday! Chris is this talented Halloween artist that inspires us and is the most prolific blogger I know. He is always good for a laugh and his blog entertains me daily, plus his newly revised website and a rocking new paper doll, Marie, (current auction.) Chris is "good people," as a family member use to say, and he encourages and promotes the rest of us in this blogging world we write and show our work in. He does the most exquisite line work and with the addition of watercolor in some of his pieces has just made a niche for himself nobody else can even approach. Have a great day and weekend big guy!! By the way, Joycee, Enchanted Productions, really did a great job on that Michael Jackson doll she sent the birthday boy. Go give his work a look and drool on the gifts he has received. Once you do, you will know why we love him and his work!!

Now for the second thing...well, it was forecast and they were pretty much on target with this forecast so I guess it wasn't that BIG of a surprise. This is the view out of our front door...there is a street there. This is just since a little before 7:00 this morning. They are thinking we will have about 7" by the end of this and I'm not going out in my little car today. I will try to ship out tomorrow to any of you that made a recent purchase.

And...taadaaaa, the PFATT-ies have started a new blog!! Very exciting stuff for all of us. It gives us a new format to keep you updated on what new items are available from this fabulous group of artist on eBay, and links to each members blog. Be sure to sign up as a follower so that as updates occur you can keep track of the new posts and ...giveaways. Yes, I said it, giveaways!!! I will be providing a piece this year as will all of the wonderful PFATT members so don't miss out!!

That's it for today!!!

Oh no it isn't...oopy, if you have not been over to SpookyTime Jingles make the move now. The updates came up last night at midnight, and "my oh my" is there some talent in this group I am privileged to be associated with!! This is a fabulous online marketplace of holiday whimsical art and the artists really outdid themselves this month. Go peek, you will be glad you did!!

Have a great Valentine's Day and happy creating!


Designs By CK said...

Hi Laurie!

WOW ~ Thanks SO much for this great post. You are one of the sweetest people I have the pleasure of knowing!

Sometimes I feel like the BIGGEST kept secret in the Halloween art world. It's been this way for awhile now. Alas...hopefully that will change "sometime" down the road. I can dream & hope that it will someday!

HOPE that you are staying warm. Hope all that snow doesn't create any problems for you guys. Come ON Spring!!!

LOVE all your new STJ goodies you have on too. I had so much fun checking out all the new goodies early this morning!

Take Care & I will have a BIG GIRL size Martini tonight 4 both of US!

SpOOky Best Always,
Chris (-:


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Laurie, I popped over at STJ and WOW...your work is already all sold! I just love your style and those spooky bunnies are just priceless! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Mr. CK,
Hope you are having the best day Christopher!!! I love it...30 forever!

Not all sold...there is one piece left. Poor sad little Rabbit Top Hat Skelly is left all by his lonesome on STJ. If you know someone that should adopt him send them my way!

Thanks for stopping by!

CCs Whimsies said...

Laurie.... In my best Napoleon & Dynamite voice, "LUCKEEEEEEEEE"... Sorry, I just don't get sick of the snow.... It's so unbelievable beautiful... Just like putting sprinkles or frosting over every thing!

Stay warm!
Big Hugs!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Hi Laurie~
I just got the email from Dani and you are gonna freak out when you get Matthew Mead's Halloween! It is filled with all kinds of inspirational ideas and goodies.


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Crow Haven Farm I owe you a big thanks. I was contacted by a buyer who thought the same thing you did and I told them I still had one left so they bought Rabbit Top Hat Skelly. Whoo Hoo!!!

My beloved may have my snow!! You are right, this morning it looks like a whole lot of frosting!!

I am so excited!!!I don't have this book so I am really anxious to get it!!! Whoo Hoo again!!

Thank you all for stopping by.
I need to get to the post.