Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tigger Melon and New Tools!!

"Tigger Melon" grew up in the garden right by the pumpkin vine and has a bit of pumpkin envy. He just could not understand why those big orange and lumina squash kept getting picked by the children for Halloween. He was orange (even if he did have golden tigger stripes) and he was sweet and succulent, unlike those pulpy seed-filled pumpkin boys. He just didn't understand all the fuss over what he considered to be an inferior vegetable with an ordinary appearance.

Not wanting to be overshadowed by the pumpkins and loving Halloween as he did, "Tigger" went looking for a good tailor. "Tigger" was presented with a golden harvest colored vest to wear, accented with a ghost and pumpkin designed bow tie and matching treat bucket. (He was sure the pumpkin accents would gain him entrance into the "Pumpkin Ball")

Additionally, "Tigger" carried a pumpkin scepter just for good measure. I'm sure he got to sign a few dance cards the night of the ball!

I was so happy to finish another piece, but then the doorbell rang and my new stainless sculpting tools were just delivered!!!! I suddenly was much more excited about my new tools so I had to share them with you too. I primarily use some wood and silicon tools and have some favorite shapes and tips, so I went through my favorites and picked similar tool tips in the stainless line. Not an inexpensive way to go, but after 4 years of replacing lost or broken tools I decided to bite the bullet.

Some ladies love to be surprised with jewelry and this is just about as good in my book! Well, almost. Off to go try these new babies out!


Pattee said...

I love Tigger Melon... you always do such fabulous sculpting and painting! I wish you'd teach a class : )

Can I ask where you got your tools? I probably have way too many but a woman can't have enough clay tools right?

Have a great week-end!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I get almost all of my sculpting supplies (armature wire, tools, etc.) from the Sculpture House in New Jersey. They are fast and give great service. I order from them online.

Someday I might give a class again...:-)

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Love Tigger's confidence and pride in his faux "pumpkiness". lol
I don't know what it is about tools and art supplies, but they make me feel like Toad, of Toad Hall when he's spied a motor car... Tools?! Poot Poot!!! lol

~ Deb

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Well I used them tonight and I am already so glad I made the purchase Pattee and Deb!! They are so much better than most of my existing tools in tight little areas and the ball ends are amazing for smoothing!! Highly recommend them so far!!

Thanks for stopping by!

William Bezek said...

What a scream, those tools look like a mad scientist's laboratory, perfect for Halloween! I've tried to have tools around but end up using my hands and a toothpick (not very high tech).