Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Lord Lafsalot"

I am painting like mad this week and have managed to complete a few figures. Last night I put the finishing touches on a new skelly, "Lord Lafsalot", dressed in his Halloween finery. "Lord Lafsalot" is one of many figures I'm creating that are dressed to attend the "2010 Pumpkin Ball" in my little Halloween dreamland. You'll be seeing lots of top hats, fancy treat buckets, scepters and other items carried by this silly group of characters in the upcoming weeks.

Some of the pieces will be available on upcoming EHAG Emporium updates between now and September 30, and the rest of the group will be going to Ghoultide Gathering (October 2, in Michigan). If you have not looked at the Ghoultide website yet you can click on the link in the left column of this blog or simply click on Ghoultide Gathering in the last sentence and it will take you there. The artists are amazing and I'm humbled to be amongst such talent!!

Fall is always a good time for a trip...right?!!! Think about it and if you love Halloween it will be a great place to be-- PROMISE!

Enjoy the day and happy creating!


William Bezek said...
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Chicken Lips said...

Loving that stylish hat! Another wonderful creation.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh for goodness sake William...he is a lord like "lords and ladies" in the feudal system. There is no way I would use that for anything else.

Thanks David!!

ODD imagination said...

I Love the Lord! ha ha ha Awesome paint job as always. :)

William Bezek said...

I'm just thinking out loud, I learned that lesson the hard way...uber christians are sooo touchy when it comes to their lord.

Brandi McKenna said...

Love it Laurie! I love the ball idea,...and all of the stories you imagine as part of creating your characters! Bet you will have quite the display come October! Will be here before we know it!

PEA said...

adorable and yes, he makes me laugh a lot! Love the name like Sir Lancelot? Right?
Love the twist on the name and his cute little grin.
can't wait to see more.