Monday, July 19, 2010

Sir Cob Web Bones

More figures are being completed for the "Pumpkin Ball", and this new one is "Sir Cob Web Bones", lover of dew covered cobwebs and all things arachnid.

Being close to the earth, "Sir Cob Web Bones" took notice of the spiders and insects around him and developed a deep fascination for the spiders' spinning abilities. They seemed much more creative than their insect neighbors so he watched with wonder as the tiny eight-legged acrobats replaced their webs daily. He was amazed by their dance and found a certain attraction to their long thin limbs, which seemed to remind him of many of his relatives.

Over the years he developed a rapport with the spiders and they began to ride on him throughout the day and night. Some were day spinners and some night spinners, but both liked this little skelly as he seemed to attract tasty bugs for some reason. On special occasions they would make him the loveliest of webs so when he was dressing for the "Pumpkin Ball" they went to work. Webs on the hat, webs on the vest and treat bucket, plus four little friends riding on him to attend the affair should his webs need repair after a twirling dance. You have to love such trusted little friends!

Hope you like "Sir Cob Web Bones" and his weavers!

Back to work for me!


yoborobo said...

He's fantastic, Laurie! I love his hat with the web...and that little spider. :) Pam

bayrayschild said...

You are one talented artist!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

How I love your creations. ♥