Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ean Elf

Ean Elf is completed so I thought I would share him with you as he is my last Christmas piece of the 2010 season.  Unlike Ean's brother, Edgar (prior post), Ean is a little further along in his hatching process from the Christmas ornament, and has managed to push one of his curlie tipped shoes out of the lower side.

He sits atop a painted base, which holds a Christmas tree scene complete with hanging ornaments and a small elf putting the finishing touches on the tree.

Ean has lots of details from the jingle bells and stripes of his hat, shirt and shoe, to the fine cracks found on the ornament's edge and the sculpted ornament hanger on the side of the round form.  Rosy cheeks and lips, pointed tip ears and tiny fingers finish out this little character popping out of his ornie.

I still have last minute details to complete in the coming week as we prepare for Christmas.  Here is wishing you a happy holiday, pass the cookies please!!   


Lori Ann C. said...

So fun Laurie!! I hope his hatching goes well! Looks like he has a "leg up" !

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Lori Ann

Chicken Lips said...

The painting on that base is so spectacular!!!! What a talent!