Monday, December 6, 2010

Edgar Elf's Emergence

Introducing a new Monkey-Cats' original, "Edgar Elf's Emergence", a new piece finished in the studio over the weekend.  This funny little fellow will be placed on eBay this week with an auction ending next Monday.  Edgar, and the top sphere shaped ornament are made of paper mache, wire and 5 tiny jingle bells (yes, they actually jingle), which sets independently atop the wooden base with a complementary painted image. 

There are lots of little details in this piece from the red and white striped hat with green curved-points tipped with jingle bells and accented in gold paint, to the tiny stars and swirls painted in the night sky over the tiny red elves' house painted on the base.   

Edgar is the first elf for 2010.  Hope you find him enjoyable!

Here is the link:



The Hermits' Garden said...

I like his loooong skinny fingers. :~)


Chicken Lips said...

Wonderful piece Laurie!