Monday, June 27, 2011

Pumpkin Boy Update

Sorry I didn't get a post up last week, but I had a camera and computer that decided they were no longer friends.  My computer would not let me upload any images into blogger, and I kept getting error messages that the photos were downloaded from another computer.   I completely reloaded my camera program and finally got it to work this morning.  I have no clue what happened, but it's working now so I have my fingers crossed!!

As promised, here is an update on Billy A. Battykins, a little lumina pumpkin boy shown in the last post.  Billy loves his bats and baby pumpkins.

He has a long pumpkin stem, a cape collar, bat bow tie, bat scepter and little jack-o'-lantern that all help make part of his charming character.

He hopes to find a home this fall so he can share his Halloween spirit!!  Wish him luck!


maddyrose said...

Laurie, Billy turned out wickedly attractive. What a smile, and he just oozes charm. Delightful.

William Bezek said...

The problem was Blogger, it's always Blogger's fault, didn't you know that?

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you Maddy Rose!!

William, I know a number of artist that have had problems with blogger. My photos were even being designated differently on my computer though, so unfortunately I don't get to just blame blogger! Darn!

Thank you both for stopping by!!

Maggie said...

Wow, Billy is a good looker! Does he have a single brother? LOL, he turned out great. I love your characters, Laurie.
Happy 4th,