Friday, July 22, 2011

A. Dora Belle Wicked

I've been working in paper mache clay all week, which means my fingers have been covered in the white sticky material most of the day. I have found that it isn't a very good idea to try to use the computer keyboard while I'm sculpting  (I hate trying to pick hard little bits of clay out from under a key or space bar) so that is the reason for this weeks late posting. 

I had several of you ask to see the witches I completed last week so here is one of them.  This is A. Dora Belle Wicked, or Dora Belle for short.  Dora Belle is one of the Wicked sisters that displayed exemplary flying skills from a very early age and currently holds numerous cross-country speed records for brooms. 

Dora Belle's sisters all tell the story that Dora Belle first displayed her "need for speed" when she jumped on her mother's broom at the age of 10 months and sped off over the house.  Her sisters all recall her returning a short time later with a penguin she had picked up in Antarctica.  In no time Dora Belle was known for her quickness, establishing speed records in her neighborhood and never losing a local broom race.

Dora Belle is shown wearing her special night-flight hat and boots, her "Order of the Bat" pin at her neck and carrying her broom, Speedster. 

Hope you like her. Have a great weekend!


maddyrose said...

I love her. She's so darn cute and I love her story. You're creations are amazing.

Maggie said...

I LOVE HER! I enjoyed her story, too. Dora Belle is adorable.

poodlepompom said...

I checked out your blog and had to follow. Love your creations:)