Thursday, September 1, 2011


I've practically been living in the studio for the last month, and suddenly this past week someone has put some diversions in my life, which is a good thing.  As I was watering the container on the front porch last week I noticed a small lavender bloom on my sweet potato vine.  I plant sweet potato vines annually, and this is the first year I have had blooms.  For whatever reason this little vine is giving me bloom, after bloom, after bloom and each morning it makes me smile and take a moment to go "aawwhhhhh".

Sorry for the water on the porch behind the planter, but I had just watered the planter to thank it for it's lovely gift.

The other recent diversion has been a small kitten appearing in our yard that has such a flight instinct I worry about being able to capture her to get her to a vet.  She seems to like Jake (one of the monkey cats) and he will sit with her at the door while she tries to take a nap.  A neighbor and I have been trying to get her for over a week so I now have an outdoor litter box for her, a pad on a floral table to sleep on and fresh food and water to keep her nearby.  Keep your fingers crossed for me she will eventually accept  my actions as non-threatening. 

Diversions can be good.  Back to work for me!


Artistic Diva said...

Laurie, Have you tried to trap this kitten yet? I recently had 4 feral kittens just show up on my porch. I finally had to use a trap to get them to the TNR program at our Humane Society here in Austin. I used a can of sardines and caught them in minutes. Now I still have four feral kittens, but they are wormed, treated for fleas, will never reproduce and got a rabies shot. Only cost me several days of little sleep and the time it took to catch and carry them. Good Luck with your new little one!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

UPDATE!!! We caught her just minutes ago and she is on her way to finding her forever home. She is gorgeous, but very timid. We have storms in the forecast so I am relieved she won't be out in nasty weather. : )

Artistic Diva said...

I'm so happy for you. Glad that baby will be inside for a bad storm. It is really wonderful to know that you probably saved a life.

William Bezek said...

That dark foliage is beautiful!

Maggie said...

I'm so glad you got her to a safe place.
And the sweet potato vine looks beautiful with your coleus.