Thursday, September 8, 2011


This Saturday, September 10th, which also just happens to be my birthday, I will have one Halloween work available on PFATT Marketplace at 10 a.m. Pacific time.  His name is Hunky-Dory, because in his world everything is just hunky-dory, and karma seems to smile upon him.

He is only the fourth fully sculpted Halloween figure I have offered this year so if you are unable to attend Ghoultide Gathering, this will be the only other piece offered in September.

He has long sculpted fingers holding his candy bucket and carrying his jack-o'-lantern companion.  Hunky-Dory is just under 16" in height, and is made of paper mache, wood and wire and comes painted in acrylic paints sealed with a matte polymer varnish.

I have been in contact with a school counselor, and 1/2 of the selling price of Hunky-Dory will be given to a local elementary school that I think will benefit from the proceeds of the sale.  The staff at the school has repeatedly proven to go above and beyond for their students so I am thrilled to be able to help in a small way.  We are so blessed to have such devoted teachers and staff in our community.

I also want to mention that my thoughts and prayers are going out to all Americans suffering from the flooding and damage caused by Irene and Lee, and the drought related fires in Texas and California.  It breaks my heart to watch the weather related emergencies unfold on television, and makes me wish I had really deep pockets to assist more people in need. Lets all hope that the tropical depressions currently in the Atlantic do not find our shores.  

Have a wonderful weekend and here is wishing you all the weather that you need wherever you live.


maddyrose said...

Hunky Dory is a real charmer and it's no wonder things go his way. I love your style in Halloween art. Have a great weekend.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Love him!! AND . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

See you soon! :-)


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you Maddyrose for such a nice compliment!!

Thank you Lori for the birthday wishes and sweet comment regarding Hunky-Dory. Only a few weeks and I get to see your lovely work again. Can't wait!!

MaryEllen said...

You're art is amazing! I love the personality on these cuties!
I've added your Blog to my list of Halloween favorites. I hope you visit sometime!