Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Wishes and a Nearly Completed Snowman

I have the turkey in the refrigerator along with the yams, celery and other ingredients necessary for building the traditional foods for a Thanksgiving dinner.  As I'm sitting here thinking about the preparation yet to come this evening, my mind is rushing with childhood memories of Thanksgiving dinners from the past.  I can remember driving to Aunt Sis's house and the hoards of family members that would be there gathered for the food and festivities.  Of course being the youngest in the family I was at the children's table in the basement, but we always had ways to amuse ourselves with mashed potato mountains, whipped topping mustaches or tales from an older sibling of a finger accidentally dipping into one of the pies or cakes prior to the dinner starting.  We were young and untouched by much of today's worries, and I have to admit I'm thankful I was raised in a simpler time that moved more slowly where one could take the time to enjoy the little things in whipped topping mustaches!  I'm thankful for those memories and I'm thankful we have the opportunity to make new memories with our families tomorrow.   I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.  

I also wanted to share with you the progress made on one of the little winter snowmen.   Irvington Iceman is almost finished, so I put his tree and candy canes in his hands for a quick photo shoot.  He already has lots of details completed on his top hat, scarf and mint-buttoned vest, but I still need to get a few washes of color on him below his vest, plus a few touch ups here and there. 

I see I also need to work on smoothing out the wash around his right eye and the black spot on his forehead, too.  Guess I better get to work on him before Thanksgiving preparation begins tonight!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


maddyrose said...

He's adorable. I love his sweet face and the detail on his hat. Wishing you and your family the very nices Thanksgiving possible.

Jorge de Rojas said...

Happy Thanksgiving Laurie, BTW I love your snowman's expression!