Monday, January 9, 2012

Benjamin Bunny Candy Cup

Our winter in the central part of the country has been very much like early Spring.  I have actually gone out some mornings with nothing more than a polar fleece on as a jacket and been quite comfortable.  Because of the mild temperatures teasing us about the weather to come in late March and April, my mind has already made a mental jump to Spring!  This inspired the little painted candy cup, Benjamin Bunny.

Benjamin is a new painted bunny design for 2012, that is being unveiled on this candy cup.  He is shown on the front of the cup with his hand holding an Easter egg (or Spring egg if you choose), with the colors of spring surrounding him in circular shapes placed in the background, and a scalloped design forming the cups top border.  The handle is made from a soft copper colored wire to coordinate with the containers color key.    Benjamin is painted in beige, browns and peach tones with a blue bow tie with spots.

The back of the candy cup has a small painted egg to repeat the design motif, that appears suspended by a fine painted ribbon from the borders edge.

This little candy cup will be available tomorrow, Tuesday, January 10, on PFATT Marketplace at 10 a.m. Pacific time at:  SOLD-Thank you!!

Hope he tickles your Spring fancy...did I just hear a forecast of snow?! 


Michelle May said...

It's wonderful! I'm soooooooo ready for Spring!

maddyrose said...

What a cute idea for a candy cup. I love this rabbit and his beguiling smile. He's certainly tickling my Spring fancy.