Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clay, Glorious Clay

I'm mixing paper mache clay daily right now trying to get an inventory of bases and head blanks dried so I can begin the detail work on planned pieces.  I love mixing the clay in ziplock bags so that I can knead the paper mache without having an inch of material sticking to my fingers as I work.  I also have to admit I use a bag so that I can toss it on the floor, take a shoe off and use my foot to do part of the kneading since breaking a wrist several years ago.  It helps save the wrist power for the final kneading.

See why I call it clay?  It reminds me of a stoneware or earthenware clay texturally at this point, and essentially any ceramic building technique can also be used with this paper mache clay.

Here are a few of the figures in progress since the forms don't look like much at this point.  Arms need to be added, bodies built, boots added, etc.

The clay and my computer keyboard are not compatible (the dried chips like to hide under the keys) so I'll be off of the computer again most of this week. 

Hope you enjoyed a quick look!


DellaRae said...

Do you share your clay recipe?

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

It is a commercial mix from Activa, called Fast Mache. I once would recommend it to other artists, but since their fire two years ago it just isn't the same product it used to be. I now have to sift, pick and manipulate it each time I make it to get it to this consistency. If you like a challenge, however, then this product might be for you. I've been looking for the last two years for a replacement, but haven't had any luck yet.

maddyrose said...

I've wondered if your pmc was similar to what I use and now have the answer. It's not but I might try your method for kneading today when I mix up my next batch. Love all of the blanks. I need to start getting my blank racks filled. Have a great day.

DellaRae said...

Thanks for sharing!