Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Edgar Elf

My production has been slow, but I have managed to sculpt and start painting on a few Christmas figures.  This is Edgar Elf, a sweet little elf that likes to help Santa carry and decorate the Christmas trees at the North Pole.  (Do you think the fact we just opened our Christmas tree farm this past weekend had any influence on the subject matter for this piece?)  He stands at 12", and I plan to have him available on PFATT Marketplace, December 10th.  I still have all of the detail on his jacket, legs, shoes and base to finish so it will be several days before I am able to finish painting him and post him completed.

In other news, the Christmas tree farm was inspiring this past weekend, and I loved seeing the children so excited about Christmas approaching.  As I was carrying trees, like little Edgar here, I noticed my eyes were "itchier" than normal, but I dismissed it to the dry air since we are in the midst of a severe drought.  Unfortunately, what was happening was I was having another allergic reaction. I didn't get hives this time, just eyes that were swollen shut the next several mornings and a head that felt like the size of a watermelon.  I went to the pharmacy and got some wonderful eye gel and feel great today so I'm off to go paint the afternoon away!!  My fingers are crossed it doesn't happen again this weekend so I'll take some allergy medication and maybe a particulate mask to reduce the risk.  Won't that look festive!! 

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

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