Thursday, August 8, 2013

PFATT Marketplace Update

 PFATT Marketplace updates this Saturday, August 10th, at 10 a.m. Pacific time (which is 1 p.m. Eastern).  I will have one new work for the month, "Xavier Spidey Squash", a sweet little fellow full of Halloween goodness.  Xavier is SOLD...thank you so much!!
 Xavier is extremely fond of spiders and the wonderful webs that they create.  His mother taught him that if not for his friend the spider the garden bugs would have wreaked havoc on him as a tiny squash in the garden.  He was born with a spider over him and he continues to adore their friendship, patterns and colors.

Xavier has his pet spider, Sebastian, on his web leash and has spider decor on his bow tie and jacket, as well as....

on his mask.  Yes, I created the mask so that it lines up with his eyes when placed over his face.  Just one of those extra details that makes the piece fun!

The spider designs continue on the back of Xavier's jacket and the back of his mask.  Lots of painted details on this little fellow.

 Xavier stands 13.25" tall to the top of his stem, is 9" wide to the tip of his mask and is 5" deep.  He is made of paper mache, wire and wood and was created without the use of molds.  He is hand-painted in acrylic paints and sealed with a matte polymer varnish (even though he appears to have a sheen in the photographs).  He will come signed, dated and numbered.

To purchase Xavier, please email me after the Marketplace opens on Saturday.  I will sell the work to the first collector to email me with the price of the piece in the subject line.  Send the email to  

Hope you like him!



Leanne E said...

Especially love the mask :)

Lisa J. Ammerman said...

This is a wonderful piece! Your attention to detail is fabulous!

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

Your pieces never cease to amaze much detail and charm. Love it!