Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's September Already?!!!

UPDATE:   Wesley is SOLD...thank you Anne!!!   Where is the time going?!  I had every intention of getting on my blog to show you works as they were completed for Ghoultide Gathering this past month.  (I was either very optimistic or naive, I'm not sure which.)   The works are not finished, the photographs are not taken and none of them are signed, tagged or completely ready for a show that is just three weeks away.  Panic has truly become a part of my  current vocabulary.

With Halloween approaching I have had numerous requests to sell my work, and for that I'm very thankful.  This time of year I get so busy putting all of my energy into the show and working with blinders on that I forget that not everyone is able to drive to Michigan to attend such a fun Halloween event as Ghoultide Gathering.  I have been thinking about that a lot this week and decided I needed to list a new piece on the PFATT Marketplace update for those collectors unable to attend.  I also will be hosting a blog sale here on the evening of October 8th.

This Tuesday,  September 10, at 10 a.m. Pacific (noon-Central), PFATT Marketplace will open and I will offer one work for sale, "There's a Spidey On My Bucket!"    The first person to email me after the marketplace opens with the price of the piece in the subject line will be the collector I sell the work to.

The work shows little pumpkin boy, Wesley, slightly alarmed at the fact that there is a spider hovering over the top of his trick or treat bucket.  Wesley isn't scared of spiders, he just doesn't want any of his Halloween goodies to disappear due to a certain arachnid hanging over his treat bucket.

The poor little spider means no harm , besides, from the looks of his smile he doesn't have a very good dental plan for indulging in sugary sweets.

Wesley stands 13.5" to the top of his stem, is 7.5" wide by 6" deep, which is a little bit bigger piece than some of my other works.  He is rich in paper mache surface texture for that vintage look and is the first piece I have offered with the new 3-D eyes I have been working on this summer.  They give the characters a little more expression to their faces....don't you think?

I hope to hear from you on Tuesday!  (It's my birthday so I may be eating cake when the marketplace opens!) 

Have a great week!

Oh, and a special thank you to artist, Lori Rudolph, for my new blog banner.  She does such wonderful work!  Thank you Lori!


Lisa J. Ammerman said...

I LOVE this guy! As always, your work is wonderful!
Lisa, A Piece of Lisa

Shari Replogle said...

Happy Birthday Laurie!
He is gorgeous , and I love the new eyes.