Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow-Fall is Friday's Find!

Snow-Fall is sold!  Thank you!!!

As promised last week I have one more snowman tree topper available.  This is the last original I will have for sale in 2013.

"Snow-Fall" is a tree topper (he has a center opening) as well as a piece that can be placed amongst table-top Christmas decorations.  He is made of paper mache and wire.  His arms are covered with paper mache so they are not able to be moved into different poses.  He comes with a bottle brush wreath with a paper mache bow and a paper mache candy cane.  These can be placed in a variety of ways in his fingers for different looks, and I even had the candy cane hanging from his nose for a VERY different look.

"Snow-Fall's" scarf, eyes and buttons are three-dimensional and the other elements of his design are hand painted on the paper mache surface.

"Snow-Fall" will come signed, numbered and dated.  If immediate payment is received today I am able to ship him tomorrow morning.  
He is $275.00 plus shipping

The first collector wishing to purchase him and emails me at
will be the collector I will sell "Snow-Fall" to.

As always, thank you for your consideration!!

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