Thursday, February 27, 2014

Priscilla Paisley, My Last Bunny for 2014

Priscilla Paisley is my first female bunny rabbit.   She stands right at  9.75" tall and is covered in a paisley pattern I created for her upper torso and a line pattern I created for her lower form.  I had absolutely no idea how long it would take to paint each line, dot and swirl when I started this pattern, but by the time I had it figured out I was already too far along to back out of the process.  Days later she is finished.  This all started because I thought it would be interesting to see what I could do with a "pretty in pink" concept. Lesson learned!!

Priscilla will be for sale tomorrow afternoon on this blog (Note: my definition of afternoon is based on the Central time zone)  I will post her with her price and shipping fee.... the first collector to discover the post, wishing to purchase her and emails me with the cost of the piece in the subject line will be the collector I will sell the work to.

Here is a close up of Priscilla's German glass glitter egg, bow and thin line that divides the paisley pattern from her line pattern.  It also shows the detail of the paisley design.

Priscilla has a single paisley design on her back....I had to stop somewhere!!!

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Caroline Fisermanis said...

Absolutely breathtaking, so pretty. Your work is amazing!

Angela Hicks said...

You have amazing talent! Everything is so imaginative and fantastic!

Angela Hicks said...

You're so talented! You're work is fantastic and so imaginative!