Monday, October 13, 2008

Floral Weekend--SpookyTime Jingles

Where did September go and how can we already almost be at the mid-point of October?!!! Because of the time factor I am working on synthetic floral arrangments on weekends for an upcoming show and for the family tree farm. I have quite a few done, but will continue on some smaller arrangements for those wanting a new "something-something", but need to watch the pennies.

Below is a fall floral to show you what I've been up to besides papier mache, and I just realized you can also see a Roger Broer monoprint hanging on the wall to the left, a Tom Hubbell pit-fired ceramic vase below it on the sculpture stand, a Martha Pettigrew bronze "Hopi Girl with a Basket", a carved gourd and a small Acoma pot by L. Vallo.

And here is another quick shot of a second floral with a partial look at Marilyn Belschner's "Winter Katsina". Sorry for the quality of the photos today but I waited too late to take photographs in the room where I shot these this morning.

Thank you to those of you that purchased from me on SpookyTime Jingles last night and early this morning!!! I will be mailing out tomorrow so spooky items should arrive in plenty of time for Halloween, and the Christmas items should actually be plenty early for you!! (Unless you are like me and have both holidays out year round. They're originals, so why not!!!)

Have a great day and happy creating to you all!!


Marie Patterson Studio said...

I love seeing what people create beside their art. Thanks for sharing.....these arrangements are beautiful!

Lance said...

Hey Laurie, I just tagged you! Come on over and check it out.

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Hey! I used to work as a florist - ANOTHER thing in commen!! - wonderful arrangements - so pretty.

Your pretty pictures have motivated me to create a fall arrangement for our table this weekend!

- Sweet B

Designs by CK said...

Laurie ~ Sorry for the delay posting here! I have been SO busy this week!

You are just multi-talented! LOVE the flower arrangements!!!

Have a great weekend.

Chris :-D)

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Is there no end to your Talent?! :)
The Florals a just Beautiful, Laurie!

Designs by CK said...

Wishing you a magickal & Happy Halloween!!! :-D)