Friday, October 3, 2008

Sneak's ebay link is listed below!!

Sneak is now listed on ebay as of a few minutes ago. Here is the Ebay link going directly to Sneak and the crew of naughty sugary sweets!! Thank you for giving him a look!!

Have a great weekend!!!! Painting like mad tomorrow!



Designs by CK said...

LOVE IT Laurie! Well done!

Have a GREAT weekend. :)


Amy Short said...

Hey...just found you and love love love your style. I'll be back to visit often. Thowing you on my fav blog list too. :o) Amy

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Ohhhh...Love that piece Laurie!

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

I Love that Piece Laurie! Very Cool!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Chris, Amy and Candy,
Thank you all. This was such a fun challenge and the EHAG members really went above and beyond with their creativity. You have to go look at everything...on the ebay search type in EHAG and it brings up everyones' auction pieces. Fabulous, fabulous pieces!!!

Melissa Valeriote said...

SNEAK is truly amazing Laurie!!! A showcase of your wickedly whimsical imagination!

PJ's talkin'.... said...

Sneak is awesome! I only saw him naked. He's a much better pumkin man all dressed, and those bag of treats!!! Well done, Ms. Laurie! xo PJ

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you Melissa and PJ on Sneak. The whole idea came in bits and pieces so I'm glad "they" all fit in the trick or treat bag!!

I'm delighted you stopped by for a peek.