Thursday, October 9, 2008

SpookyTime Jingles Preview, 100th Post!!

Wow, I can't believe it is that time already!!! Today is our final day to update our SpookyTime Jingles pages that will be unveiled at 12:01 a.m., October 13. I start getting excited as I'm working on my pages and start seeing other STJ artists post images, or partial images of their new work coming up for the unveiling. I'm not so subtle!!! I don't produce fast enough to surprise too many of you with what I'm working on, plus I like to share the process of my figures as they are developing so you get to see them in various states during the month.

Below are the "boys" being offered for the month of October on the Christmas page. I will have 2 small squatty Santa figures, one holding a bag of Christmas gifts and the other carrying a small tree and two candy canes. I.M. Sebastian Snowman, is the third offering and the only change made to him since Wednesday, is that I added small white lines on his hat ribbon that weren't in the earlier photo. I think it improved the look.

FYI, I also painted a peppermint disk and taped it over the moon on his base and it looked like a swirling comet so I nixed that idea I had mentioned in the Wednesday post. Kelly came home and looked at it and said, "oh, so you decided to paint the moon like a starlight mint." His tone indicated to me he wasn't loving the look, and I had already decided I didn't, so I walked over, peeled off the disk and unveiled the original base. I felt like a pretty cleaver girl in that moment thinking I was pretty smart for testing the idea before committing to it. That was actually a trick I learned over 30 years ago, and I hate to admit how many times I wish I would have used it instead of doing what I had done. Not always such a cleaver girl. Live and learn!

Hope you like the Jingle Boys!! I just realized this is my 100th Post...does that mean I post too often?!!!!

Have a great day and weekend!!



~dani~ said...

Love the boys!! As usual..stunners!

Lance said...

your update looks like it's gonna be awesome this month... as usual! Somehow it seems that the months have been flying by since stj started up.

Z said...

No, you don't post too often! I love checking in to see what magic you're sharing. Love the boys and especially I.M. Sebastian. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

The jingle trio look super!!!

PJ's talkin'.... said...

I especially like the eyes you do on the Santas. They look sooo pleased with themselves... like they've got good things planned. Great work. PJ

Nancy said...

Hi Laurie...I always look forward to your posts. You do such wonderful, inspiring and whimsical is always a treat to visit!

Your pieces look lovely.
Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Nancy