Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amazing-Leigh Wicked

"Amazing-Leigh Wicked" is the oldest of the Wicked sisters and is the one sister in the family I would never turn my back on. This sister never fell into that face modification thing that her other sisters partook of. She has always firmly believed "she is who she is" and no rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty or lip augmentation was going to help her cast a spell or make her a better witch. I guess you could say that "Amazing-Leigh Wicked" is a witches' witch. Her spells are powerful, her potions are potent and mixed to perfection, and her curses are to be feared by adults and children alike.

Oh sure, she is shown here with a smile on her face as she carries her night companion scepter, Osiris, managing to look rather harmless....but, that is because she just turned all of the chocolate in the candy factory to mud, the sugar to sand and the flavoring to, well, you can guess!! That is the reason for her smile and giggling!!! She is naughty and she is fast!!

Take note of the back of her cape because this may be all you see of her. If you see this on Halloween night check your treats, pets and porch statuary because some sort of spell has been cast and you need to take care!

Have a great Tuesday!!!


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Wonderful piece and SUPER story to go with her!

Anonymous said...

Don't care what you say, I think she's beautiful. Absolutely love that nose. Has she had some work done? Just a little here and there? That nose is perfect.
Between you & David, you've got me dreaming of Halloween. Stinkers. ~PJ

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you Darla!!! Amazing-Leigh made the story easy to write!

Hi PJ girl!!!! Amazing-Leigh Wicked have a nose job?!!...be careful dear, she is nasty enough she will cast a spell on you just for saying such a thing. Temperamental little witch she is!!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

kaniki's said...

Laurie- you are amazing... Ohhhh- chills when I read about the witchiest witch of all!! oooo-oooo.... :) he he.. Love your stories.. I need to crawl into your imagination for awhile.. It's refreshing!!

Many Blessings
Kaniki's Prims & Whims

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Hi Niki!! Thank you for leaving a comment!!! My imagination?...I think I grew up in a pretty imaginative household with teddy bears to a salamander, tree toads and garter snakes. I loved them all! **giggle**

Phillane E'lee said...

I hope you are writing the stories down for the creations too.
they are so very wonderful and I am very fond of this little gal.
big hugs Laurie, keep up the wonderful work and I know you will sell out!

yoborobo said...

Oh, Laurie - she gives me the shivers!! LOL! Still, I love her. :) That scepter is amazing, too. xox Pam

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Pea if I get time I will copy the stories to go with each piece...family members have told me I need to do this. Thanks for stopping by!!

Hi Pam...she is a shiver producing witch!! giggle


~Tonya said...

Love the witch and the story Laurie! I think I have told you that same thing before...about the stories :) It would be a neat addition to your pieces.

I am sure you will do very well at your show. Wish I could be there. Love the post card!

I can't wait to see more. Your creations alway put a smile on my face.


Lynn Stevens said...

What terrible deeds this witch is preforming turning the choc to mud and the sugar to sand, and to have such a sweet smile on her face all the while knowing her evil doings! Your creativity just amazes me!!!

vintagepaletteart said...

Laurie.....both you and your creations make me giggle! Your art is absolutely amazing! So glad that I have gotten to know you through the internet and our groups. =o)

Hugs, Lori

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thanks Tonya...I think you have told me that too!! I wish you could come to California too!!! Wouldn't that be a hoot!!

Lynn...This one is a naughty one!! How sad for those biting into that chocolate just to discover it taste like mud...ick!!

Thank you Nana...I'm always happiest when I think I can give someone a little giggle in their lives!!! Happy to know you too. By the way, how is the pumpkin coming along? Halloween is fast approaching!!

Thanks all!

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Hahaha, Laurie, this is great! Leigh is my daughter's name - yep, this is her - she was naughty to the bone! :)

Carolee said...

OMG, Laurie! She's just wonderful!! I sooooooooooo wish I could see your work in person at H&V!! :)

~ Carolee

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Now Lisa, don't use this story against your daughter...giggle!!! Glad it amused you though!!

Carolee I wish I could see your table of goodies at Ghoultide!! Yesterday I finally finished the sculpting and now it is painting from here on out!!! You too, I'm sure! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day everyone!