Thursday, August 6, 2009

Augustus Lumina with Cyrus, His Cat Scepter

I had a good day yesterday and finished the painting on another new figure for Halloween and Vine. Let me introduce you to little "Augustus Lumina", a magician cousin in the Lumina (pumpkin) family. He loves Halloween and wears the number 31 proudly on his magician cap, as you can see below, to honor the date of Halloween. He also is shown carrying his trusty-rusty cat scepter, Cyrus, to help him perform his magic.

Augustus isn't a magician of the dark arts....he likes to think of his magic as falling somewhere in the light to medium gray area. He does relatively harmless acts of magic such as turning gummy worms into actual worms in children's candy (no sugar so it's healthier for the teeth), turning cell phones into frogs (you don't need to be talking on them all the time anyway), removing the white stripe on a skunk to make it look like a cat (they need a little scratch behind the ears too), and making naughty children grow horns until they change their ways (an incentive to be a better person)...things of that sort. You might actually refer to him as more of a magician of mischief more than anything else.

Augustus had his mother decorate the back of his cape and wanted to show off her handy work so here is a back view.

Such an innocent little face for such a mischievous little fellow. Keep an eye out for him on Halloween night because your bag of candy might not end up being candy after he cast a spell on it, so look carefully as you unwrap each piece!

Have a great day!


Sonia ;) said...

So adorable...Love the much as you do...u better be careful and not get mache' lung ha ha ha

Hugs xoxox S

Melissa the Holiday Queen said...

I just want to kiss that face!! xoxo

Designs By CK said...

No one is busier than U!!!

Hope you are having a nice week.

SpOOky CK (-'

Harley Dee said...

Augustus is just awesome :) I wanted to let you know that I am hosting a Halloween swap on my blog. I thought you might want to check it out :)

kaniki's said...

Oh my goodness!! I just absolutely love all the new and wonderful goodies!! You are a true inspiration my friend.... I just love coming in to see what's new!! And of course- get the low-down on who is up to mischief in that line up of yours :)

Many Blessings
Kaniki's Prims & Whims

Marie Patterson Studio said... the colors!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Soooooooo fantastic!!!

yoborobo said...

Augustus is just gorgeous! I love his innocent (HA!) expression, and his cape!! But I am wise to him, and will not be buying any gummy worms this Halloween. :)

Anonymous said...

How did I miss him? His backside is as good as his front side. Love those details!