Monday, August 17, 2009

Lumina the Magnificent, the Pumpkin Magician

Every pumpkin child dreams of becoming not just a slight-of -hand magician, but an honest to goodness, true, real, actual Halloween magician. Few are destined to become something so magical, but one that was able to live this dream is Lumina the Magnificent. Lumina started out as a humble little pumpkin in the middle of a huge patch, but others started to notice the fireflies dancing around him at dusk illuminating the darkening sky above him. As time passed and Lumina began to mature, others noticed the fireflies starting to make patterns and designs in the sky looking like huge fireworks bursting in the air, and the sound of giggling emerging from beneath their dance. Each night the spectacle became larger and more grand with all of the pumpkin patch beginning to take notice because it became difficult for them to sleeping in what appeared to be daylight!!

The pumpkin elders knew what was happening in their pumpkin patch. They knew they had been given a special gift and they began to nurture the talents of this young magician pumpkin. After a series of tests the elders unveiled the pumpkin pages of old and presented Lumina with the knowledge of his Halloween ancestors. He learned of his family's ancient ways and of the celebrations and dances of Halloweens past. The elders also presented Lumina with a magic wand made from a very special piece of pumpkin vine tipped in gold and orange....but the best gift was the cap and cape they presented Lumina from their prior great wizard, Hubbard the Great, that had lived generations before Lumina.

Young Lumina read and read, practiced and practiced, sought out the knowledge of the best and brightest of his time and grew to be a truly wonderful pumpkin magician. His greatest gift to us is the spirit of Halloween. He wants everyone to enjoy the harvest of the day, the festival of the spirits, the celebration of the night and the greeting of "Trick or Treat", and above all else for us to believe in magic. He does!! (I do too!!)

Hope you enjoy Lumina the Great!
Have a great Monday!


Debbie said...

Lumina is Luminous, Laurie!

Hey, I received my Halloween and Vine post card today and was so glad to see your piece featured. Wish I could be in Petaluma on the 26th to meet you in person and see all your fabulous work.

I'll keep reading your blog and watching STJ!


Anonymous said...

Another wonderful piece! You have been a very busy girl.

Cassie said...

He's great! The story is spectacular, It sounds like a perfect Halloween bedtime storybook!

Sonia ;) said...


He is the sweetness in his face.

Sonia ;)

Pattee said...

What a wonderful creation you made...
I love it!