Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Three New Creations for SpookyTime Jingles!!

At the witching hour tonight (that would be midnight Eastern), three new Monkey-Cats Studio pieces will be available on SpookyTime Jingles. (Update...all sold)

First, is a Halloween piece, because it is always Halloween in my little brain, "Beauregard D. Pumpkin". "Beau", as his close friends call him, is a sweet little pumpkin fellow full of mischief and a little on the preppy side. He does love his sweater vests and party hats, and in my world that is just fine. He holds his smiling scepter, "Jack-Be-Little," and already has started his plans for his 2010 Halloween party, which includes some pumpkin games. You have to love him for that.

He does take a nice portrait.

"Beau's" boots even match his sweater vest and the stripes on his socks match "Jack-Be-Little's" stripes on his scepter.

Second, is "Jack O'Hearts." Jack is a bit of a Lothario... in his own mind. He loves women and feels Valentine's Day is the best holiday ever, even if some poor Roman died in the name of love under Claudius to begin the holiday. He wears the heart on his hat, on his boots and even carries a heart if you happened to miss the other symbols that adorn him. Such a funny little fellow carrying his heart in one hand and his little Valentine in the other to sweep his sweetheart off of her feet. He is the third single formed figure I have created (in an earlier post I think I said second, but I had forgotten about "Cassiopeia", besides "Sorta Wicked.")
Valentine outstretched in his hand, "Jack" is hoping for a successful day!!

Third, is "Val Entine". "Val" is a cross between a Mad Hatter and a little gentleman. He has wild hair, a huge top hat and a charming smile that just makes him sort of likable. I mean, you have to love a guy in lipstick that matches his hair, right? Crazy "Val" thought it would be fun to get his hair done for Valentine's Day and his sweetie hasn't seen it yet. "Val" was persuaded by his hair stylist that it is perfect, so he is ready for a night of romance and to pop that question some women dream of on Valentine's Day. Wonder what she will say?

Could you say ,"no" to that face?

Wish "Val" luck!!

That's it for this update. I have one more piece coming out this month on the new EHAG Emporium. Another great group of artist creating Halloween art.

Have a great day all!!!!


Chicken Lips said...

All wonderful pieces (as usual)!!!

Brandi McKenna said...

Three detailed and wonderful pieces....a great way to start the year....I Wish I had finished as many
!! Love them!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thanks David!

Oh Brandi, I had more planned, but I took a break over the holidays and then worked 7 really long days to even get these done and one more for EHAG. Planning better for February!! (I say that every month!)


Jorge de Rojas said...

Laurie, love your twist on Valentine's. Your glazing is still wonderful to look at.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Jorge!!!! Where have you been?!!!! Missing the sight of your wonderful pieces!!