Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Wabbit" Number 1

Working on rabbits this week and hope to get this one started in paint tonight or tomorrow depending on how the other "wabbits" go this afternoon. I sculpted arms on four rabbits yesterday and did not like how they dried overnight so I will be working on them again today. Sometimes the paper mache clay has a mind of it's own.

From time to time I get emails and facebook messages asking me how I get the surface to look the way it does using Fastmache.... well, sometimes it doesn't work for me either!!! I work with this material all the time so if you have a failure the first time out don't give up on this usually cooperative paper mache. Occasionally I get a bad batch of paper mache clay mixed and it doesn't show until it has dried and it shrinks and dimples in an unpleasing manner. I finished the arms and paws on this figure with a batch of different clay and the arms dried just the way I like. I do think this clay has humidity and temperature issues when drying, but I so like working with it I don't throw fits when I hit a speed bump here or there.

This is the first "wabbit" for 2010. He will have eggs in his bucket and the wire handle will be rolled for a finished look. German glass glitter on his bow tie or not? I'm leaning toward yes, to give him a little more "something-something." I love making those big ears in this clay....always up for a challenge!!

Have a great day ....I'm off to mix a new batch of paper mache clay!!!


Anonymous said...

He is gonna be very cool. Love those ears! Yes, go for the sparkle on the tie.

Chicken Lips said...

Love him already!!!!

And you are so right about the temperature and Fast Mache...humidity (like the rain we are having right now) can really affect the surface.

Halloween Fanatic said...


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I'm thinking sparkle too PJ...I just think he demands it!! **giggle**

It is kind of the pits sometimes David. We are experiencing the damp cold right now with freezing drizzle and fog, so I should have known to expect this. I'm such an optimist though...pooh!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I'm glad you wub my wabbit Wobert. You nut!!!

Have a great evening!

DanMonsterMan said...

Hello Laurie,
I've been to your site several times. I really like the body of work you've created. Amazing. Wonderful personalities and perfect execution. Love the new Wabbit. Also love the cats. I have three myself. They are always underfoot, especially when I'm trying to do art. Still, sometimes they are the best audience.
Anyway, great art.