Saturday, May 22, 2010

Big Head Gourdie and STJ News

I have a big head gourd figure in the works and I got sort of excited about him yesterday. I ended up finishing the glazing on his head and now I can't wait to finish the rest of him and get him ready for his debut at the "Pumpkin Ball." I still have a lot to complete on him so more pictures will be appearing as his attire is finished. (Working today in clay and paint so I decided to post this while my hands are clean and won't leave residue on the computer keyboard!! the rest of you have this problem?)

The second piece of news is a bit more serious. Two years ago I was contacted by a very enthusiastic young woman regarding her idea to begin a new online marketplace, "SpookyTime Jingles". I decided to join the marketplace and started on a journey that was full of excitement and growth for both me and my work. "SpookyTime Jingles" gave my work tremendous exposure and provided me with the opportunity to meet a plethora of extremely talented artist and avid collectors. I will always be grateful for this experience, but my production level has slowed as I'm working in greater detail, and other obligations began to need attention so I had to make a tough decision. I contacted Dani last week because I'm leaving STJ. This month was my last month as one of the artists on "SpookyTime Jingles". You will still be able to find my work, but I won't be offering monthly works as I have in the past. Please continue to support STJ and it's artists...after all, it is where spooky and sweet commingle!!

Enjoy your weekend!


Len said...

Gourdie is looking quite wonderful, I love the detailing on the arms. Good work!

sUz said...

so sorry that you are leaving stj laUrie! i'm THRILLED to have shared space with you and even MORE THRILLED for your continued success! thanks so much for sharing, you will be missed!
sUz :)

Pattee said...

I love your "Big Head" gourd! The fringy stuff on his arms are cool!

That is a really tough decision to make Laurie... Dani will understand I'm sure... She's such a good soul.

I've had to quit some of my ning groups and that too was hard...

Take care and work at your Pace.....
: ) Patte

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thanks Len. Made tremendous progress on him this afternoon!!!

Suz, I so enjoyed getting to know you and your work on STJ!! So sweet to say I'll be missed, but the sight has a power house of talent so you all will be just fine without me.

Thanks Pattee. The "cobweb" treatment on the arms is new for me so that is the other new thing on this piece.

It is tough to admit you can't do it all...I mean, afterall, we are superwomen are we not?!! I found out I'm not! Hard to come to terms with that, but I needed fewer deadlines and less stress.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Hi Laurie,
Sorry to hear that you're leaving stj, but I can understand your decision. You will be missed. Do try to peek in every now and then to see us!
Take care and best wishes for your continued success.


Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Hi sorry to hear the news, you will be missed! Sounds like you know whats best for you, though. I am sure going to keep looking for your fabulous creations and wish you creative prosperity!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thanks Marie...your work continues to grow and amaze me and I see great things coming for you!! Don't worry, I'll be needing my monthly dose from the group so I will be peeking monthly at the STJ goodness!!

Thanks Brandi...tough decision, but I had to be an adult and make it. Can't wait to read how Halloween and Vine goes for you this year!!! Peeks will be required of course!!

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Hey Laurie! Always love the textures and painting techniques on your Gourdie fellows. Super!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thanks Deb!!!

Trish said...

So sorry you're leaving STJ, Laurie. I'll continue to check your blog for news and places to find your work. Hope to meet you at GG
All the best,

Haunted Swamp Designs said...

Love your gourdies!
Leaving STJ had to be tough decision I am sure they will miss you. Good luck in where ever and what ever your life leads you to.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Glad you like the gourd head figure. It was a very tough decision to leave STJ...but between family and health I couldn't keep up anymore and I had to listen to my body. Sigh....

Thank you Lynda!! I won't disappear by any means. I'm excited to get back into some healthier habits and get my rhythm back.

Thank you all!!

Chicken Lips said...

Your wonderful and creative presence on Spookytime Jingles will be sooooo missed :(
Having the pleasure of getting to know you has been one of the many highlights of being a STJ member. Your work is such an inspiration to me! Keep us informed as to where we can continue to see your new creations.

Lucys Baby said...

Hi Laurie,
I hope you will find renewed energy, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Take care to nurture yourself.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

You are so sweet!! I will continue to stay in touch with you and the other STJ artists. So fond of all of you!!

Yes, that body of mind wasn't going to quit making me pay attention to what I need to focus on. Crazy thing, anyway!!

Have a great week all!!