Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Have you ever experienced the feeling that time is on your side and everything is flowing well, and you are getting a lot of things done, and then realize that there was something you forgot about?!!  I almost forgot about the PFATT Marketplace update this month.  I flipped the April calendar open and had an OMG moment.   Where is my brain?

Fortunately, I already had some candy containers made and primed, and was then able to turn to one of my trusty-rusty sketchbooks for quick ideas for figures.

The little witch is done, the vampire is blocked in and will get finished today, photographs and edits tomorrow, and then back to the computer to complete the listing for the unveiling on the 10th.  Gosh, and everything was going so swimmingly!!

Have a great week and happy creating.  Off to go paint!

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