Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mouse and Pumpkin update

It has been a very snowy/rainy spring here, and this week has continued that trend so rather than sculpt clay that won't dry,  I decided I needed a change of pace and painted the last two days.  Here is an update on the little mouse on the jack-o'-lantern. 

The piece isn't finished yet, I still have a lot to get done on the mouse face and need to work on the color contrast on his body plus he needs some Monkey-Cat touches, so I will show you the little fellow later after he is done. 

Also in the photo are some white paper mache pumpkin forms drying and waiting for their turn for some paint. I have lots to do so I better get cracking!

Have a great week!


just me said...

he's wonderful!! can't wait to see him all done

Artistic Diva said...

He is simply wonderful! He is really very cute and he looks so comfortable there on top of that pumpkin.

manosdetijera said...


ger chouinard said...

Laurie: Best Piece ever!!!!! Mouse is so adorably perfect hanging on to pumpkin. So much expression in their little faces ... inseparable buddies and not even done yet! LOVE them.