Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Works in Progress

I have been in paper mache clay up to my elbows this past week...really!  I have to admit I was getting a little crazy flinging the paper mache around because I discovered a small piece on the edge of my ear.  Wonder if it was there when I went to the grocery store?  Oh well, such is my life at the moment.

Below is the start of a new group of figures.  They still have many components that need to be covered in paper mache, arms that need to be built, boots and shoes that need to be manufactured, bow ties to be tied, scepters to be adorned, along with other items to be finished before I can paint.

This is the fun part of the creative process.  Anything you can make in paper mache is possible at this point so the mind gets to run freely to imagine and dream of the possibilities.   

Hope your mind is full of magical thoughts and dreams too!  I'm off to go play...uh, I mean work!!


maddyrose said...

PMC can be really messy. I seem to track it everywhere I go. I wear it on my clothes and my son claims to be afraid of eating any food I prepare as it may contain paper mache clay. It looks like you've been having a whole bunch of fun. Enjoy you play, er... I mean work.

yoborobo said...

Ooooh, it's a little Laurie Army! :) I love seeing your WIPS. I bet you liked Playdoh when you were a kid, didn't you? xox! Pam

Maggie said...

OHHH, these are going to be wonderful!!! How inspiring. I need to finish some of my paper mache sculptures! I can't wait to see how these come out.

Anonymous said...

i find this just so very interesting,, something I have no knowledge of,, beautiful