Monday, May 2, 2011

One of My Favorite Things

With Mother's Day approaching I thought I would share one of my favorite things with you...goat's milk soap.  I purchased my first bars years ago in a little shop in Colorado, and initially used them to scent our blanket closet.  I eventually unwrapped the still scented soap to use for bathing and fell in love immediately.  I just don't think you can beat this soap, especially if you have dry skin!

I love the patchouli scent (the bars on the right) and I also love the mint scent (left and front center), but I LOVE that they combined my two favorite scents into one bar (top center)!!  It is pure pampering in that little bar of goodness!! 

The bars were cut for me on Saturday and I plan on taking pieces of handmade paper and wrapping the bars as Mother's Day gifts for this coming weekend.   If you need a little something extra to give as a Mother's Day gift, consider a few bars of a special scent you know your Mother would love! (and maybe pick up one for yourself!)

Have a great week!



Hi there!!!

You should also try rosemary soap! So amazing!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh, I bet I would like that too!!