Monday, May 9, 2011

PFATT Marketplace Updates Tomorrow Morning!!

Time is flying, and unfortunately the speed of me producing new works is not-yikes!!  Must work faster, must work faster, is my new mantra.  I can't believe we have another PFATT Marketplace update tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (11 Mountain, noon Central and 1 p.m. Eastern) already!    UPDATE: All SOLD...thank you!!

I have three offerings this month,  Baron von Spidey Bones, and two candy containers Lance Lumina and Morrie Moon.

Baron von Spidey Bones is my first full-sized Halloween figure being offered this year.  He has lots of details including his ornate rib cage and the little spiders building webs to help hold his bones together; a rather ornate back of bones, as well, with another spider hard at work;

a small little bone-tie at his neck; a large top hat and a suspicious smiling jack-o'-lantern held in his hand.  He will come signed, dated and numbered by me.  A small note, he is all hand sculpted without the use of molds.

The two candy containers are also handmade paper mache and are hand painted with my original designs.  Both characters, Lance Lumina and Morrie Moon, hold items in their hands and their images overlap a background of a sky filled with stars, swirls and a spiderweb on the back of the containers.

If you are interested in any of the three pieces, go to:
then email me at:
after the marketplace opens Tuesday morning with which piece(s) you are interested in and the cost of the piece.  Please remember to include the cost in your email so that I can keep it fair for all collectors.

I'm off to go mix paper mache clay now! Must work faster, must work faster......


Michele Lynch Art said...

Laurie, I'm in love with Baron von Spidey Bones!! Fabulous work as always!

yoborobo said...

He is really amazing! I love his bones, and those busy, busy spiders. :)) xo Pam

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you Michele...and so does the Baron!!

Hi Pam!! Yes, that Baron has busy, busy spiders. He has lots of bones to support!


maddyrose said...

What a fun site. I found you through the Prims article and had to pay you a visit as I also sculpt in paper mache clay and was curious to see what you had other than the three adorable rabbits. I love your creations and will be back to see more. Baron von Spidey is fantastic.

Daryle and Katie said...

Laurie... when my spirit needs a bit of a lift; your creations always answer the call! "Baron von Spidely" is wonderful! Daryle