Monday, February 20, 2012

Chester Chimp Work in Progress

As mentioned in my last post I started working in Halloween colors again and have a figure in the works that I thought you might enjoy.  Below is a picture of Chester Chimp, standing by his pumpkin friend, Percy.  (I'll show you more of Percy later.)    Chester isn't finished yet as he has many details that need to be finished on his garment, hat and extra additions to be placed in his hands.  I have found it is those additions and details that take the most time to complete, but I also think they make the pieces have more character and interest.

Chester is only the second monkey to be created in the studio, and I'm sort of liking how the little fellows are beginning to develop.  I currently do not have plans for another monkey this year, but I might have to add one to the list as this fellow gave me a great idea for another one.  Decisions, decisions. 

Hope you like the peek and I will keep you updated with his changes.

Have a great President's Day!  My boss is making me work!


tinypearl5758 said...

I love your monkey, your work is always inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

maddyrose said...

You've got yourself another winner here! Love him already and can't wait to see more of him!