Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jack-o'-Bunny and Cornelius the Easter Crow

Update:  Cornelius has sold, but his buddy, Jack-o'-Bunny is still available at PFATT Marketplace.

The winter snow has been good for me getting work done in the studio the last 5 days...perhaps I need it to snow more often!  I was able to finish Jack-o'-Bunny, seen below, and a fellow paper mache figure, Cornelius the Easter Crow, for the PFATT Marketplace update.

Both figures will be available Friday, February 10th, at noon Central Time.   

Just a little warning about the candy these two carry... remember they are Halloween characters dressed up to help the Easter Bunny so as good as their intentions might be, some things are just part of their nature.   A pumpkin boy will always prefer dirt to chocolate and crows would select a warm worm filling over vanilla any day of the week.  Keep an eye out for them Easter morning and if your eggs happen to be delivered by one of these two fellows, I would suggest they be inspected prior to consumption.  Just saying..... : )

Hope you like them!


maddyrose said...

LOL!! Laurie, these two are wonderful and I love the information concerning their candy deliveries. The color pallet you're using is as lovely as these two are funny. :^)

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you MaddyRose! I thought I had better warn people because if I bit into a chocolate candy with a warm warm filling, I would be pretty upset....HA! ; )

Ron Anger said...

These are wonderful Laurie! I really like Cornelius. And as for their candy....well, worms are good for ya! Extra protein (eewwww!)

Anne said...

Just too, too, delightful! So glad I found your blog!

SweetPepperRose said...

Your Jack O Bunny is too cute!